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We are team of talented Software Developers, GIS Analysts and IT professionals specialized in providing smart location Intelligent business solutions. Explore our Maps and database to make informative decisions for your business.


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Geodatapals is a platform where geospatial solutions are provided by top experts in the field. We develop Web based GIS solutions that tackle real world problems.

We employ state of the art geospatial techniques to get insights from the most remote places on the planet.

  • Visualize your assets on a Map

    We provide a visual representation of your assets, projects and supply chain on a customized map.

  • Use the power of Geospatial Insight to improve your business

    Our goal is to empower businesses with valuable insights and tools that optimize operations, improve efficiency, and enhance decision-making processes.

Geodatapals helps you acheive your dreams by combining the power of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Software development and Data science to give you exceptional insight on your business. We design state of the art cloud based solution, which are cost effective and easy to maintain. We provide all year long support which helps you get used to our solutions. Our focus is on leveraging geospatial data to help businesses make informed decisions and drive success. Join us in revolutionizing the way businesses utilize location intelligence.

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We provide a range of services in the IT sector. This depends specifically on your demands. We have experts who are 24 hours ready to work on your project irrespective of time zone

Software Development

We develope both static and dynamic websites. We build web apps with multiple functionalities. Our tech stack are one of the latest in the industry.

Geospatial Analysis

We provide Geospatial and GIS analysis ranging from satellite images, open street maps (OSM) data and other forms of geospatial data.

Web Mapping

We build quality web maps with state of the art visualization tool. We provide capacity to filter and analyse geographical data on web maps

Data Analysis

Want to make sense of several layers of data. Bring it to us. We Analyse data from various fields of science. Our data services come with standard visualization and detailed documentantion.

Dashboard Design

We design interactive dashboards for data visualization. We customize this dashboards to fit your business needs.

Career Coaching

Do you have dreams of becoming like us?. We can guide you through your career. We provide the necessary training and coaching needed to excel in the field of Information Technology (IT).


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